2024: 2 Camps | Sommer & Herbst

KSI Basketball Camp

The biggest Basketball Camp in Bern!

2024: 2 Camps | Sommer & Herbst 

KSI Basketball Camp

Kultur Legi x KSI 


  • Do you have a Kultur "Legi card"?
  • Is this card still valid at the beginning of the camp, or will your Kultur Legi card be valid at registration?
  • Then you have come to the right place. In the following steps we will show you how to proceed so that you can secure your Kultur Legi discount for KSI Basketball Camp.

Individual steps to the discount

1. write email

  • Write us an email to the following address: info@ksi-basketballcamp.com
    • Als Betreff der E-Mail verwende: «KSI Basketball Camp 2024, Kultur Legi«, damit wir deine E-Mail schneller identifizieren können.
    • The email must specify the following:
      • First name, last name of the camper: The given name must match the name on the Kultur Legi card!
      • A picture of the front and back of the Kulture Legi card.
      • The expiration date of the Kultur Legi card.
  • Once these three details have been entered, all that is left to do is to send the mail.

2. Waiting

  • Have you sent the email? Then click here to continue.
  • We will send you your private discount code within 2 business days after receiving your email. (if your Kultur Legi card is valid at the beginning of the camp).

The discount is 30% of the total price.

3. Redeem discount code

  • You have received your discount code? Then proceed here.
  • Below you will find the steps on how to redeem your discount code.
  • Below you will find the steps on how to redeem your discount code.
  1. Gehe zur KSI Basketball Camp 2024 Anmeldeseite
  2. Enter your personal information
  3. Add the camp to your shopping cart Go to checkout > enter your discount code in the "Coupon Code" field. > press "Use coupon"
  4. Now you have secured your discount!
  5. Complete your registration.

4. Important information about the use of the discount code.

  • Through our collaboration with KulturLegi, we are actively involved in promoting social and sports activities for the youth of Bern. In this way we try to make our camps accessible to all.
  • If you want to register more than one Kultur Legi cardholder, you have to register them separately.
  • For each Kultur Legi cardholder you have to write an e-mail with the information requested in the first point.
  • This is a special price exclusively for Kultur Legi cardholders.
  • The discounts are not cumulative.
  • The discount code for your discount voucher can be used only once.
  • The discount voucher expires within one month of receipt.
  • Your discount voucher can only be used for the person named in the email.

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